Skin Care

Classic Facials





$65.00 and up

Touch up $25.00
Full makeup $50.00
Facial Upgrades




Firming Eye Treatment $20.00 and up
Hydrating Lip Treatment $20.00 and up
Decollete Treatment $30.00 and up

Hair Removal  
Eyebrow Arch $11.00 & up
Lip $10.00 & up
Chin $10.00 & up
Cheek $16.00 & up
Sideburn $16.00 & up
Hairline $12.00 & up
Underarms $24.00 & up
Arms $34.00 & up
Half Leg $45.00 & up
Full Leg (not including bikini) $65.00 & up
Back $40.00 & up
Chest $40.00 & up
Bikini $25.00 & up
Brazilian $65.00 & up



These treatments are for those individuals who are serious about their skin care and are willing to devote the time needed to create change. This represents not only a dedication to skin care changes but may include lifestyle changes as well.

We use only chirally correct natural ingredients that are purified to dramatically reduce the possibility of an allergic reaction, yet positively affect the skin.

Each facial treatment is designed to stimulate gentle change deep in the skin to maximize results and minimise downtime.

As you become a partner with us in your skin care health, you progress through the stages of Today and Tomorrow Peels the reveal the inner radiance of your skin. Your technician will ecaluate your skin every step of the way guiding you through the series as your needs change.

As with anything we desire in life optimal benefits are acheived with consistent home care and regular facials.

Each Medi-Series Facial will be customized to your individual needs.

Each service last approximatly 60 minutes. The treatments range from $85.00 to $300.00 depending on the strength of the treatment. Your technician will inform you of the price before the service begins.


LED Facial Photo Rejuvenation
Your LED Light Technician will guide you through a series of treatments designed to help your skin's appearance by using the signifigantly proven power of LED Light Waves. The treatments help the natural healing process of the skin and also promote collagen production. Reduces lines and wrinkles, age spots, and sun damage. FDA approved, non-invasive and cell stimulating.