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Skin Care

You need to take proper care of your skin to keep it beautiful and youthful, and we can help. Trusting the services of skin care specialists here in Merrillville, IN is one of the best choices for receiving the right treatments and products.


Our skin care specialists will suggest one of our facial treatments and the corresponding products that are correct for your skin type. We work with the Osmosis Skin Care line which contains chirally correct products and ingredients that will heal and hydrate the skin from within. Give yourself an opportunity to relax and learn while a skin care specialists is tailoring the perfect facial just for you.


Facial Care

Classic European Facials




Sweet Skin Back Facial

This treatment uses the same principals as the Classic Europeal Facial just focusing on the back. We may also include gentle removal of cellular debris if needed.



You Look Marvelous

Gentlemen's Facial

This is a real man's facial using organic produsts selected for a man's skin and individual needs. Sure to meet the demands of his work, this treatment is excelent for all skin types including those suffering from sun exposure, dirt and heat, and over traveling. This facial includes a revitalizing massage of the face, neck, and shoulders as well. The non-greasy, natural produsts leave a man's skin in optimal condition.



R & G Facial

Custom tailored for both men and women, your skin care specialist will choose from an array of medical grade, chirally correct products with pure vitamins and high antioxidant content. These selections address a variety of skin concerns such as premature aging, sun damage, loss of vitality, and tone. This signature facial includes a deep cleansing and exfoliation, light extractions of impurities, customized facial mask, and a relaxing massage of not only the face and neck but the arms, shoulders, and decollate area as well. Prepare to be rejuvinated!



“Zsa Zsa”

House Of Bianco Signature Facial

An amazing treatment designed to make you look and feel like the Diva you are! A customized enzyme exfoliation and cleansing will reveal your skin's inner radiance leaving it soft and glowing. And of course even the rich and famous have slight imperfections, so at this point a gentle removal of impurities in the pores is performed. Your esthetician will then apply a customized facial mask rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and moisturizers to kick start your healing process.

While your mask is quenching your skin's needs, a rejuvinating treatment is gently applied to contour and hydrate the delicate eye area. We don't forget your lovely lips either! They will be exfoliated, hydrated, and plumped up! (Who needs Botox!) We then apply one final treatment to the decollate and neck, an area often overlooked but is often in need of repair due to aging and sun exposure. As your treatments revitalize your skin, you will receive a relaxing hand, arm, and shoulder massage but we aren't done yet!

When your treatments are removed, your face and neck are revived with timeless massage techniques and there is even more massage for your back, neck and shoulders! Your service is completed with a customized serum, moisturizer, and a mineral sun protector. You will look and feel ten years younger and be ready for the red carpet!


Hair Removal

Eyebrow Arch

$11 & up


$10 & up


$10 & up


$16 & up


$16 & up


$12 & up


$24 & up


$34 & up

Half Leg

$45 & up

Full Leg (excluding bikini)

$65 & up


$40 & up


$40 & up


$25 & up


Facial Upgrades

Firming Eye Treatment


Hydrating Lip Treatment


Decolette Treatment